Definition of Success


Success is attaining desired and Justified goal using sound planning and execution. I consider success in three scopes. In its narrow scope, we usually experience success in our day-to-day life, for example, finishing a project on time. In its intermediate scope, success is achieving significant milestones of life: graduation, getting a job, and finding a right partner.

Accumulating these successes lead to the broad scope. In this scope, which often considers a person’s life span, success is defined In 3 terms: possession, power, and philanthropy. Possession defines financial freedom and mound physical and mental fitness.Power defines fame, recognition, and a leadership position. Philanthropy defines a person’s win-win attitude and contribution to upbringing of positive changes In community. I do not Limit success to what most people In their predictable way define success: great career, big pay check, nice house, and new car. However, financial freedom Is usually a pre-condition for philanthropy.

Success is making fortune while traversing path to attaining significant accomplishments and thereby providing something that community can benefit from and remember. The prerequisite on this journey to success is self-awareness.Personal values, culture, education, and experience emphasize different traits and principles in different persons. These along with a great control over spiritual and emotional bodies and self assessment can better set individual goals and drive towards those with perseverance and persistence. One needs to find what realistic goals bring one joy and happiness. Definition of success may vary at different stages of life. During foundation phase of life, success, often shaped by parents and teachers, is defined by academic or athletic achievements and eventually landing in a good college.

In grounding phase, success is to focus on desired major, land in desired Job, have a good relation, and bring stability and balance in life. In building phase, success is to think beyond materialistic wealth in a deeper perspective of life to find what one really wants out of life and prepare oneself for this great mission. In finishing phase, success Is all about accomplishment of this mission, contribution to community, establishment of vision for next generation, and realization of being worth of a life.

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