Cultural Diversity Through Literary Art Paper


Cultural Diversity Through Literary Art

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Read the book, Looking for a Rain God, An Anthology of Contemporary African Short Stories by Nadezda Obradovic. What insights into the culture described in the book did you get? In this essay you should: 1. Demonstrate knowledge of the differences and similarities among the cultures described in the book. 2. Demonstrate knowledge of gender in the quality of life for people in various cultures 3. Demonstrate knowledge of the impact of modern values on people in various cultures Through the use of representative and distinguished literature, this essay should aim to bring the reader a clearer sense of a variety of cultures, as well American sub-cultures and the “new” cultures impacting America. Scrutinize masterworks of whatever applies in the book such as, for example, any Latin, Asian, Islamic, African, and minority American culture, in order to go beyond mere cultural stereotypes or lack of knowledge to a reasonable understanding of the significant characteristics of these cultures, to determine what they are and how they are similar or differ from each other and the principal American culture of our times. More specifically, with regard to outcome of this essay, your essay should indicate that you have an increased awareness of such matters as: (whichever some or all that apply to your reading of this particular book): –the differences and similarities among the cultures described in this book –depiction of the quality of life of women in each of the cultures –the characteristics of pre-colonial African culture, such as that culture’s social order, law and religion –the effect of Western colonialism on traditional African culture, including the disruption, struggle and often displacement of this traditional culture –the depiction of male dominance and oppression in early twentieth century American south, if any – the social and political nature of life within the stories in this book, including its poverty, injustices and religious differences – family life and traditions in a world of change, conflict and often resulting disorder and the struggle to overcome this disorder – the character of the cultural traditions brought to the United States by the new immigrants’ of the recent decades – the quality of the understanding of American culture as these new immigrants encounter it and how they endeavor to deal with it – the response of Americans to the culture and individuals of these new Americans –the nature of the struggle to overcome or modify this condition by women Use descriptions above according to what is applicable with your reading. NO OUTSIDE SOURCES TO CITE. ONLY USE THE BOOK *Make sure a thesis is included in your essay that matches the instructions stated. VERY IMPORTANT: YOU ARE TO READ THE BOOK AND EXPLAIN/DESCRIBE IN YOUR ESSAY IN TERMS OF THE INSIGHTS YOU GET INTO THE CULTURE/CULTURES DEPICTED IN THE BOOK.

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