CUC107 Assessment 1: Cultural Mind Map


CUC107 Assessment 1: Cultural Mind Map
Value: 15%
Time: This task should take about 4-5 hours. Word count (250-300) images will vary
Due: Monday, 11:59pm (CST), Week 5
• in PDF format at the ‘Assessment 1: Mind Map’ link in the -Assessment Submission- area of Learnline.
• Save the PDF with your name, unit and assignment number included (e.g. Jamie Green CUC107 Assignment 1B).
Task Overview:
This assessment represents the next important stage in developing cultural self-awareness;
to understand your own culture and the knowledge, experiences and behaviours that
contribute to it.
• construct a mind-map as a visual representation to show your understanding and
analysis of your cultural self.
• show how the three aspects of experience, knowledge and behaviour have all contributed to each of four elements that make up your culture.
Task details:
Choose four elements of your personal culture to represent in your mind map. (e.g.
customs, language, music, school, work, community
involvement, social life)

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