Cross Cultural Variations in Health


Directions/General Guidelines: Your final paper must be well organized in standard paragraph form. The paper, as noted on the syllabus, should be approximately 5-6 pages in length (double-spaced, 12 point font) and should include at least three academic references (i.e. no popular literature references, no wikipedia, and no websites) that you will need to cite in a bibliography. One of these references must be a journal article. Additional references (beyond the first three) can include your textbook and class films. Because the paper length is short, try to avoid using direct quotations. Instead, you should generally try to paraphrase citations. See Syllabus for due date. I Be sure to keep a copy of the final paper for your own records.

Option One: Cross Cultural Variations in Health The goal of the first paper option is to expand your sociological understanding of the impact of culture on health. For this option, you will choose a health issue, such as menopause, and compare this across at least three different cultures. Depending on the extent of information on a given topic, you may decide to research additional cultures as well. Be very careful if you choose this option to remember that this is not a book report about three different countries. Critical to your analysis will be a discussion of how cultures and societies influence social experiences of health.

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