Correlational Analysis


Correlational Analysis

Before beginning this assignment, please watch the following videos on correlation:

Correlation – The Basic Idea Explained (Links to an external site.)

Correlation Basics (Links to an external site.)

Study Description: A school educator is interested in determining the potential relationship between grade point average (GPA) and IQ scores among ninth graders. The educator takes a random sample of 30 ninth graders aged 14 years old and administers the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children-Fourth Edition (WISC-IV). The WISC-IV includes a Full Scale IQ (FSIQ; however, for this assignment we will just call it IQ).

Output file: See Week 5 SPSS Output.pdf file (Links to an external site.). SEE ATTACHED FILE

Answer the following Questions:

Hypotheses – Formulate null and alternative hypotheses. What do you think is the relationship between IQ scores and GPA?

Variables – Describe the scale of measurement (nominal, ordinal, interval, or ratio) for each of the variables.

Correlation – Write an overview of the results of the correlation (at least two paragraphs), including the appropriate and necessary statistical results within sentences and in proper APA formatting. Be sure to provide sufficient explanation for any numbers presented. Consider the following in your overview and conclusions:

Is there a significant correlation between IQ scores and GPA? If so, what does a significant correlation mean?

Using the correlation table and scatterplot, explain whether the relationship is positive, negative, or no correlation.

Describe the strength of the relationship (e.g. very strong, moderate, weak, etc.).

What do the results tell us about your hypotheses?

What conclusions can we draw from these results? What conclusions can we NOT make using these results?

Write a total of 400-700 words in response to these questions.

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