Complex Social-Ecological Systems


Complex Social-Ecological Systems

The assignment is to read and understand the three documents with content I will upload, and write a post answering the following prompts. This week your post should do two things (if possible in one cohesive paragraph / post): 1.) Identify one aspect of this week’s material that you didn’t understand, and explain what you did to improve your understanding. 2.) Answer this question: Which Planetary Boundary (or other aspect of Global Environmental Change) do you think would most benefit from a complex social-ecological systems approach and research? Your post should be 300-500 words. Posts should be well-written and carefully edited (you are encouraged to prepare them in a word document before posting). You should use embedded references and proper APA citation for all submissions in this course, including your posts. You should cite at least 2 of the weeks assigned material in your post.

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