Comparative Health System Report


Comparative Health System Report
A greater understanding of the Australian Healthcare system can be gained by comparing the Australian system to the healthcare systems of other countries from a financial perspective
Write a critical analysis report of 1300 words (± 10%) on the following issue.
Compare and contrast the Australian healthcare system to the healthcare systems of two (2) other countries from a financial perspective.
When compared to other Organization of Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) member countries, Australia performs equal to or better than many other comparable countries on a range of measures. However, on other measures, such as obesity, Australia’s performance is ranked amongst the lowest of the member countries. Within this report, students must address the following areas:
– Choose two (2) other OECD member countries and compare the financial structure of the Australian healthcare system to the two (2) chosen systems.
– From a financial perspective, compare and contrast the performance of the Australian healthcare system to the healthcare systems of two (2) other OECD member countries.
– In what performance measures is Australia performing better, worse and equal to the other two (2) OECD countries?
– What are the financial implications for the healthcare systems of Australia and the other two (2) countries of their performance in those measures? (I.e. are the countries ultimately spending more by not addressing specific measures?)
– From a financial perspective, what, if any, are the challenges the healthcare systems face in providing equitable access to care to the people of those countries.
– Provide recommendations for improvement of the Australian healthcare system with consideration to both financial and social implications.
Students may find a list of OECD countries in the link located under the ’Resources’ heading.
Where appropriate, data should be expressed using charts and tables to illustrate comparisons, trends or other analysis.
The report will be assessed on the following:
– Reporting and analysis of Pharmaceutical Benefit Scheme Data (PBS) and costs.
– Use of charts and or tables to explain recent information with accurate sourcing.
– Understanding and critical analysis of the issues using evidence from the recent literature.
– Quality of recommendations.
students must learn to weigh up strengths and weaknesses in academic argument, identifying shortcomings, limitations and what works well, and question how things are done now. This can be achieved by reading widely and finding current literature from refereed journal articles especially recent international literature.” Current” means published in the last five years or from 2014 onwards unless the source is considered a seminal source and therefore worthy of inclusion. At least ten recent readings are required, and reference should be in APA style

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