Cola Wars Case Study: CSR


Cola Wars Case Study: CSR
Both Pepsi and Coca Cola Company have invested in corporate sustainability strategy that is keen on promoting their ability influence the society. The sustainability strategy of both companies is keen on ensuring that they sustain their long-term returns and business strategy. For example, Coca Cola invests more than 1% of their annual earning for charitable programs. The highest proportion of the CSR investments goes to community initiatives followed by environment, education, active healthy living, and human disaster relief programs. PepsiCo also invests in health and community programs.
Both companies have been recognized for their efforts to educate and empower their employees. For example, Coca Cola was been recognized many times as the best company for preferred by the employees. Similarly, PepsiCo has pushed for improved working conditions for their international workers. The companies have a comprehensive ethical code of conduct that seeks to ensure that the rights of the employees are followed. The code of business conduct helps companies to maintain good stakeholder relationships. In terms of environmental protection, Coca Cola and PepsiCo have been championing for the efficiency of water and energy consumption. The push for water and energy efficiency aligns with their sustainability objectives and goals.
PepsiCo has also developed critical objectives for the senior management aligned with its sustainability goals and objectives. The executives at PepsiCo are expected to push for sustainable innovation, improved efficiency as well as the management of diverse workforce in the organization. Similarly, Coca Cola Company employs diverse workforce among its international office locations. Workforce diversity is a relevant aspect of the corporate sustainability initiatives. Other sustainability projects supported by both companies include the empowerment of women, sponsoring physical activity initiatives, as well as responsible marketing that reduces advertising of its products to young children. Therefore, both Coca-Cola Company and PepsiCo are committed towards expanding their sustainability in the society.

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