Coca Cola Company Discussion Paper


Coca Cola This essay focuses on the world’s most famous soft drink, Coca Cola. Coca Cola was founded in May 1886 by Dr. John Pemberton invented. Pemberton mixed the lime, cinnamon, coca leaves and seeds of a Brazilian shrub into a beverage. Over time, Coca-Cola has become the largest company in the world and the largest soft drink manufacturer. Why has society been so successful for a hundred years? Another important reason, besides the fact that the product is delicious, is the company’s marketing strategy. The 4 “P’s” (product, price, location, advertising) are discussed as follows. PRODUCT Coca Cola has nearly 400 brands of beverages. It markets four of
Cola’s well-known action is “Coca-Cola Christmas”, Coca-Cola has a big “Reprehensive” and in that time a considerable amount of Coke is sold. PLACE (DISTRIBUTION) Coca Cola manufactures syrups and beverage concentrates, which are then sold to a network of independent bottling companies. For example, Prince Alberta has a bottler located in Saskatchewan. Some of the bottlers are owned, others are Coca Cola. Bottlers are responsible for the manufacture, packaging and distribution of products on their territory. The means of transport is usually the truck. Trucks deliver products to intermediaries such as retailers and restaurants. They also regularly fill the vending machine, which can be found throughout the city. We can easily see that other soft drinks are competing with Cola Classic. Although Coke Classic occupies a large share of the market, other non-alcoholic beverages, such as Pepsi Cola, Mt.Dew, etc. I like drinking Cola Classic because it’s not as sweet as Pepsi. Coke Classic is also a reputable and reliable brand at a reasonable price. It’s easy for customers to get involved anywhere in the world. 2. I will choose the target market, that of young adults (20-29 years old). Some people are part of the baby boom echo group (20-24 years old) and the other one is Buster (20-24 years old). The classic cola suits my market
Brand name and trademark
Brand is a name, a term, a sign or a design or a combination of all these elements to distinguish the goods and services of a seller or group of sellers from those of the competition (Shimp, 2003). The trademark is a brand with the unique name of the company, which distinguishes its offering from other product categories. Most companies must apply for a trademark registration and some companies have a unique name for registration, while others submit multiple names. According to one survey, three names are rejected for each registered name (Shimp, 2003).
Coca Cola is the culture of success in today’s world and it concerns the attitude of the client that he wants to capture. Coca Cola wants to become the market leader with excellent quality and excellent brand. The brand image of Coca Cola is well known and consists of creativity, enthusiasm, hope and fun. Coca Cola wants to be a brand known worldwide, for example, if in the blind tests, Pepsi does not become blind, they must then prefer Coca Cola Pepsi.
Coca Cola is a well known and recognized brand worldwide. Coca Cola has a very good corporate status and a very good status. The trademark of Coca Cola is very simple but bold and known by many.
target market
The target marketing of a branding strategy and an associated marketing program is defined in terms of demographic, geodemographic, psychographic, or product use. For a flower shop, the target market is every customer who seldom or frequently buys flowers (Shimp, 2003).
Coca Cola uses the demographic factor to reach its target market and campaigns, for example, for teens to like Coca Cola for the new generation. Coca Cola needs to better understand the impact of Coca-Cola’s business and its value to the customer. Coca Cola works in a large international chain of retailers and other businesses to create mutual benefits. Customers are eager to reduce Coca Cola’s costs and improve sales to provide better quality for different consumer groups.
Coca-Cola non-alcoholic beverages are primarily aimed at all consumers, but there are areas in which Coca-Cola appeals to some consumers. For times when the Coca-Cola diet targets the consumer, everyone is aged and is between 25 and 39 years old. PowerAde is for athletes who are fit and healthy

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