Challenges and Best Practices”


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” Please respond to the following:

Debate the major challenges (e.g., legal requirements, cheaper manpower, global talent, human resource practices, etc.) that MNCs face when developing performance management processes within countries outside of the United States.
From the e-Activity, determine whether the national culture of the chosen country trumps the organizational culture of the chosen MNC, or vice versa. Next, assess the extent to which the selected organization has overcome any of its cultural challenges. Justify your response.

Go to the Hofstede Centre’s Website, located at, and select one (1) country of your choosing from the drop-down menu. Review the six (6) cultural dimensions of the selected country. Next, use the Internet to research the organizational culture of one (1) multinational company (MNC) that conducts business within the selected country. Be prepared to discuss.
The website has been updated since the university uploaded the link. Please use the site below and type in your country of choice. Thank you Leon for informing me.

Compare countries

National Culture

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