Career Choosing


Career Choosing
Education is subjected as a primary need to a new generation. Many states ensure that parents take up the responsibility of ensuring parents adhere to the call of child education. It has further resulted in the introduction of free education by most states, for the sake of providing the young citizen are knowledgeable and competent. However, the choosing of comfortable and suitable career is a big challenge to this generation. The problem is brought out by a misconception of most of the parents on choice making. A lot of parents feel that they know what is best for their children, and make most of their decisions. For better illustration, this paper entails my challenge of my medical career choosing with my parent.
My parents happen to have been exposed to a hereditary regime of law. My grandfather was a judge, on my father’s side and my mother’s side the grandparents own a law firm. The law business is, therefore, a part of my family, since it has a line of succession. Being the firstborn in the family led to daily advocacy of choosing law course to maintain the family career recognition. Besides my parents, the grandparents often proposed that I would run their law firm in the future. It may sound impressive and straightforward to follow, but it was quite the opposite. Personally, I did not have any interest at all in law subject.
It ended up being problematic as I tried to communicate with my parents about my preferred subject. “You are not serious, Law is a part of us, not medicine…,” this was the same line every time we could meet during my senior years. This created a lot of confusion in mind, as I passionately loved the art of science not law. None of my family members seemed to support my other option of the university except my class teacher. I tried the class teacher to make my parents understand, but all fell on deaf ears. However, she encouraged me on choosing a career path that I was most comfortable in, and not the one being forced to undertake.
Therefore the eminent solution was to remain adamant on my choice despite all the opposition that prevailed. I have to admit that it was a terrible moment in my life. My father was the most angered person with my stand. He used to leave the room whenever I avail myself in the chamber, as he made comments on how disappointed he was. At a point, I felt like altering my decision, and obey their wish, but something inside me kept my resolution high. Before the high school completion, we had friends gathering at our home, which was attended by my parent’s childhood friends. As expected, our career differences issue emerged as my father wanted them to support him in convincing me to choose the law course.
One of his most trusted friend, a psychologist, proposed to hear both sides of the decision. When I was asked, I explained that my liking was to do medicine which was central to my parents. To my surprise, the friend explained to them that it would destroy me both emotionally and psychologically if they kept on insisting of the unwanted career. He further commented that my boldness was quite remarkable and enviable. This led to the full acceptance of my choosing, and that’s why am in medical school today.
In conclusion, career choosing is a major challenge to some students, as parents tend to a part of the decision. From my experience, it is recommendable that student should be firm on their career decision despite the opposition. Vocational guidance from educators also plays a key role in guiding students on choosing career paths. The teacher, in this case, helped me maintain my choice. It only takes the support of a single person to keep the preferred career.

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