Business Intelligence Case : Making better decisions, improving operational efficiencies


QUESTION 2 Business Intelligence Case : Making better decisions, improving operational efficiencies, growing revenues and increased competitive advantage are the top four Business Intelligence objectives organizations have today (Forbes, 2018). Research 2 commonly used Business Intelligence Tools that help extract intelligence from the business data to support decision-making through modelling and analysis.
1 Describe the growth of Business Intelligence in the past few decades. You can use graphs, tables, success stories, as you deem fit, to present your case. 2 List and briefly illustrate at least 2 features of commonly used Business Intelligence Tools that can support decision-making.

QUESTION 3 Business Ethics Case:
Ethics is central to the study of all business disciplines, including accounting – as also discussed in the prescribed text book Accounting Information System 2016 by Considine B. et al. All types of business (including not-for-profit) and government entities need to consider the ethical implications of their actions. Businesses and governments have control of the world’s resources, and managers make decisions every day that affect those resources and the lives of millions of people. It is important that those who operate in the business world have an understanding of ethical theories and philosophies to help guide their decision making.
It seems that, despite technological advances in business and communications, ethics is still a fundamental issue to be explored and debated. In fact, due to the business world becoming more globally focused and the community becoming more educated and aware, the subject of ethics and, in particular, business ethics, is gaining increasing attention. The changes in people’s value systems over the past few hundred years have meant that old rules and expectations (e.g. how we deal with corporate governance, the environment or each other) cannot be relied upon to seek solutions; instead, thoughtful, reasoned consideration needs to be given to the facts at hand in each circumstance.

• Select a case of reported and recorded breach of Code of Conduct or Business Ethics. Prepare a brief report outlining: – the nature of breach of Code of Conduct or Business Ethics, outlining the issues involved. – changes introduced in the recent years in the organisations to mitigate the risk.
• Few points regarding your report: – • It should be professionally presented, in your own words. It’s helpful to include diagrams and tables, as appropriate, to highlight your key points. • Your research should include at least 2 references for each of Q 2 and 3, such as the professional body articles as well as text books and peer reviewed academic journals. Vendor websites are not appropriate sources of information for this task. Use appropriate referencing in your report. • Word limit for Q 2 and 3: 750 each (excluding references, diagrams)

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