BUSAD 364: Total Quality Management Final Project Objective


This term project is a written report/case analysis on the quality management practices of an organization with the main emphasis on highlighting exceptional or excellent quality management practices and techniques. Research the organization, and detail the efforts that may have led to their success. Examine how that company may differentiate itself from the competition with its quality practices – in terms of inventory management; safety; ethics; technology as it relates to efficiency, improvement efforts, etc.; forecasting and planning (sales, inventory); inventory management; product strategy; human resource management system; process improvements; design of work systems, etc. The following questions should be addressed: ➢ What is the mission/vision of the company? ➢ Discuss how Deming’s 14 Points could apply to the company you have chosen? How could the company be improved by applying Deming’s philosophy? ➢ How has the company successfully focused on the customer? What are some examples? ➢ How has the company treated its workforce? ➢ What successful work processes has the company implemented? ➢ What Top Quality Management tools has the company implemented? How have these been successful? ➢ Is the company using Six Sigma? How? What has been the result? ➢ How has the company demonstrated corporate social responsibility in a positive manner? What programs have been developed? ➢ What are the major strengths of the company? ➢ What are the major weaknesses of the company? ➢ What do you see as major challenges facing this company in the next five years? ➢ What do you see as major opportunities facing this company in the next five years? ➢ What are your conclusions about the quality management efforts of this company based on your research? Requirements: ➢ Diagrams and charts are encouraged (e.g., organizational charts, financials, stock performance, etc.), but will not be counted towards the page count of the paper. ➢ At least five sources should be used for this paper. Sources are available from the library databases. Use as many sources as possible. All sources must be appropriately identified/cited within your paper. You must follow APA rules for documentation of sources and reference list..

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