BUS101 – Business Analytics Task 2 – Report (30%) This is an individual assessment


BUS101 – Business Analytics Task 2 – Report (30%) This is an individual assessment Important! Student Academic Misconduct: Evidence of collusion (working together between two or more people), plagiarism (claiming someone else’s work as your own – not referencing or paraphrasing) or any other form of cheating may result in a grade of 0 for this task. Please refer to the USC Student Academic Integrity Policy for more guidance. Topic: Academic Misconduct Note. Normally the transcripts of an in-depth interview could be 5-20 pages long per person. For the sake of this assignment you have been given a much abbreviated example with only three questions and very short responses. You would ask several establishing questions to build rapport with the participant before launching into serious questioning. For the sake of this assignment you can assume that the purpose of the research has been explained to the participant, as well as the voluntary nature of participating and that simpler questions have been asked before these questions to establish rapport. The questions for the interview would generally be more than three and the transcripts have a lot more conversation between the interviewer and respondent. To understand why academic misconduct happens the Head of the Business School has asked you to interview six students. The interviews lasted approximately 30 minutes each and you followed a semi-structured interview style with an interview protocol. The interviews were conducted onsite in a quiet meeting room. Below are the main questions for analysis that were asked in each of the in-depth interviews, listed as participant 1 (P1), participant 2 (P2) and so on: 1. Do you know what academic misconduct is? 2. What are some of the issues that might stop you from completing assessment? 3. Do you think that many students cheat when completing assessment? 4. What resources does the university give you? Do you use them? To reiterate: DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fiction. The materials and information for this assignment are used for educational purposes only and are not a critique of any company or any affiliated companies. The opinions and views expressed in this document are a work of fiction and do not represent the University of the Sunshine Coast’s policy or opinion. All characters and data are fictional. This topic is to give you a real-world company with a fictional issue. All transcripts are pure fiction.

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