Bright Lights


The image out of the window was a familiar one; I have seen this snow covered scenery before. The ride to Minneapolis has seemingly shortened now that it is my sixth year visiting. An uncertain knot develops in my stomach because this is the weekend I’m hoping my hard work will pay off. It is the annual fashion show for the College of Design. I am fortunate enough to have a sister who is finishing her culminating year in the Apparel Design program and has offered me the opportunity to be a model for her runway collection.

Participation in a University of Minnesota activity was the most exciting thing that could happen to my 14-year-old self. Walking into Rapson Hall, I instantly took it all in. This is where college students learn.

Designers paced down the halls in preparation for the show. I was the youngest model here and possibly the youngest one attending the show.

The nerves kicked when it hit me that over 500 people will be watching me walk down the runway. It was my turn to go on stage. As I walked onstage, the spotlight hit me and I took my first step in my five inch heels towards the blinding light.

Before I knew it, the show was over. People did not suspect I was only fourteen, especially with my big hair and loads of makeup. This show gave me the experience of being a model and an opportunity to be apart of a U of M event that not many people can say they got at a young age.

The University of Minnesota has been the college I have been striving to attend ever since my first college visit at the age of eight with my oldest sister. I watched as my two sisters and brother graduated, and I am ready to take on the same challenge of graduation from here.

My grandpa once said, “Education is something that no one can take away from you. It is the one valuable thing that once you have, you will always carry with you.” Education and new opportunities both rank high on my list of values.

The U of M gave me my first big experience in the fashion show, and I hope to continue with more new experiences as a student. I would love to be involved with more on campus activities and overcome new challenges. Even though I am not going into a fashion career, this show has taught me to take on new experiences. I would have the honor of being a Gopher and taking another road trip through the familiar scenery, always finding something new and exciting.

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