Battle of the Brains, Psychology assignment


First, watch the video Battle of the Brains, at

brains-video_825c90e78.html. It demonstrates different kinds of intelligence in a very

entertaining manner.


If you do not have access to the website, then instead of watching the video, please refer to the Hock

(2013) reading “Just how are you intelligent?” You will use either Battle of the Brains or the Hock (2013)

reading as the basis for comparing intelligence of different kinds in two different environments. You may

also want to search online for the video (for example, it is also available at

Your task in this assignment is to compare and contrast the kinds of intelligence that are needed

in two different environments. Environment A is one with which we are all familiar: any village,

town, or city. Environment B is one with which you may not be familiar: the !Kung San people

of the Kalahari desert. (The ! is pronounced as a tongue-click.)

The !Kung San lifestyle has changed very little over millennia until recent contact with the

outside world. Traditionally they are hunter-gatherers who follow the food supply for much of

the year. Without much interaction with other people, they have been dependent on themselves

for survival, and therefore cooperation, interdependence, mutual trust and helpfulness have been

vital to their existence. As nomads, they have had little need or opportunity to accumulate

possessions. The main sources of food are animals which can be hunted or trapped, and whatever

grows naturally; they traditionally have not practiced agriculture or animal husbandry. The group

size is up to about fifty individuals.

(If you are interested in optional further reading on the !Kung San, see http://social-

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