Barriers to Successful Re-Entry


The transition from prison to life in the community is fraught with barriers to successful re-entry. Housing, employment, access to mental health personnel, reactivation of medical insurance, and family reunification are just a few of the hurdles that must be overcome if an offender is to be successful in his or her re-entry planning. For this assignment, you are to familiarize yourself with the Assess, Plan, Identify, and Coordinate (APIC) Model for improving outcomes for persons with serious mental disorders who are transitioning from institutional settings to community settings. Apply this information to the several men profiled in the PBS documentary. In a well-organized essay of 500-600 words, you are to: Identify the key barriers to successful re-entry for persons with mental illness returning to the community after incarceration. Outline the public and private efforts established to overcome these barriers. Assess the extent to which these efforts satisfy the principles of the APIC Model in facilitating successful community reintegration.

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