Austin Hall Paper


You have had the opportunity to hear the perspective of many key stakeholders involved in the Austin Hall Project throughout the term. Hopefully you have taken some notes while watching the videos and were able to organize some of your thoughts during last week’s discussion. In a paper no more than 3 pages long (single-spaced) address the following: 1) How successful was the project? You must justify your answer to receive full credit here. Remember what you learned about who determines a projects success and how to determine project success. (8 pts) 2) What are 2 important lessons that you learned from the Austin Hall project and why are they important to YOU? (16 pts) 3) Choose one of the following topics that really stood out to you while watching the Austin Hall Project videos. a. Defining the scope of the project b. Managing the schedule c. Managing trade-offs between time, cost, and scope d. Managing stakeholders e. Risk Management f. Leadership g. Team performance Why did you select the topic you did and why do you feel this is an important aspect of project management? (8 points) Give specific examples from the videos that supported this topic. This should be ademonstration of this topic in “practice.” (12 pts) Now, what did you learn about this topic in class? This should be a demonstration of this topic in “theory.” (12 pts) Finally, compare “practice” and “theory” as it relates to your chosen topic. Were there similarities? Were there differences? Explain. (16 pts) 4) Easy to follow format, correct spelling, grammar and sentence structure. An easy to follow format means that ideas are separated and organized under appropriate subheadings. It should be very clear to me which question or idea you are addressing. (8 pts) This paper is a display of how well you can communicate your understanding of selected learningoutcomes. Consider the point value for each question when prioritizing your efforts. Use subheadings to organize the content of the paper. It should be a challenge to completely answer the above questions within three pages.

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