Assignment help, Choose a technology with which you regularly interact


Choose a technology with which you regularly interact. An example can be a wearable watch or a social media group that you depend on to help you manage aspects of day-to-day life. In a paper, identify potential ways in which your chosen technology can be used either as a means of enabling participation or as a contributor to social justice, or both. Be sure to provide detail and use examples to support your assessment of the technology’s potential. Use the following as a guideline for your assessment and support your work with specific examples from the text or other research. • Framing: Consider the problem this technology was meant to address. Is it framed properly or are essential elements left out of consideration? How could the problem be reframed to include as many relevant elements as possible? • Vulnerability: What factors contribute to the vulnerability of certain populations due to this technology? What besides humans may be made vulnerable by this technology? • Distribution: What structures—social, institutional or physical—would you suggest putting in place for examining the distributive consequences of this technology? • Learning: Describe any lessons that you think are to be learned from the current use of this technology. Are there barriers to this learning being conveyed to decision makers? Your paper should be well written and meet the following requirements: • Be two to three pages in length. • Include at least three references from the readings or outside sources. • APA Format
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