Assessment item 2Installing and Managing Linux


Assessment item 2Installing and Managing LinuxValue: 10%Due Date: 02-Aug-2019Return Date: 26-Aug-2019Length: 15 -20 pages including screenshotsSubmission method options: EASTS (online)TaskSection A: Install LinuxLinux technical expertise is essential in today’s computer workplace as more and more companies switch to Linux to meet their computing needs. Thus, it is important to understand how Linux can be used, what benefits Linux offers to a company, and how Linux has developed and continues to develop.In this assignment, you are required to install a Fedora Linux ( operating system (Latest Version) on a virtual machine (e.g., Microsoft Hyper-V(,VMWare Player( or Oracle VM VirtualBox ( on your operating system as a guest. You should also find the minimumhardware requirements formost operating systems on the vendor’s website. For example, the Fedora Linux operating system minimum hardware requirements documented at You should document the installation process with the screenshot. Based on your experience and research, you should be able to answer the following questions in section B.Note:Use the latest version of Fedora OS.(3 Marks)Section B: Profile the SystemAfter installation is completed, write a script called your to obtain following options information:1. Get information about your operating system,2. Get information about hosts3. Network interface and routing information4. Display a list of users currently logged on display a list of recently logged in users,5. The display used and free memory information,6. Display if the Linux operating system is installed on physical or Virtual machine.Note:You can use vim ( or Nano ( texteditors to write your script.You can use sudo yum install nano/vim command to install Nano or Vim text editor.(3 marks)Section C: File ManagementWrite a shell script to create a directory called “lastName_StudentID” and ask the user if he/she wants to copy a file to CSUStuff directory.You should find out that the file has read, write and execute permission. If the file has written permission then copy the file to the directory, denied otherwise.
(2 Marks)Section D: PipeSuppose we have a file called ‘lastName_StudentID_hotel.txt’ with 100 lines of hotel names, each name on a line. Write a script to print the hotel names from line number 20 to line number 30 inclusive. Store the results in a file called ‘lastName_StudentID_Hotls.txt’. Sort the file in alphabetical order.(2 Marks)RationaleThis assessment task will assess the following learning outcome/s:• be able to apply technical knowledge to manage servers.• be able to investigate the layout of server file systems.•be able to plan, create and manage information services.• be able to design and write scripts to automate various server management tasks.The assignment is to develop your understanding of how operating systems are installed and managed. In addition to this you will gain some insight into how a system administrator can automate workloads through the development of scripts.

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