Assessment item 2 Research Report


Assessment item 2
Research Report
Value: 15%
Due date: 27-Aug-2017
Return date: 18-Sep-2017
Submission method options
Alternative submission method
In your role as a Solutions Architect at M2M Solutions, you are leading a team of several system administrators. M2M solutions is a medium sized organisation and is currently expanding its operations.
The company has acquired six sites across Sydney to accommodate its various departments.You have been asked to design a network by utilizing private IP address. The network should span six buildings with a router in each building to join the networks. It is assumed that each building will have its own single subnet .Company expects approximately 1200 workstation across all the sites with approximate numbers in each building as follows:
Finance Office – 260 workstations
Transport Office – 130 workstations
Research Office – 120 workstations
Sales Office – 40 workstations
Information technology – 520 workstations
Head Office – 60 workstations

TASK 1 – Write a 1000 words (+/- 10%) report explaining:
a.The detailed design of a simple addressing solution (with diagram(s) and step by step workout of the calculations) that leaves room for growth, is easy to administer and has the minimum wastage of available IP address space.
b.Explain what happens to your design if the number of hosts per network jumps to over 1,024 per building.
TASK 2 – Currently the company policy does not allow the use of network analysers on the organisational network. You have recently had a team meeting where all the staff are of the view that the use of network analysers can bring more efficiency in troubleshooting processes.
Write an 800 words (+/- 10%) report for the board of directors proposing to allow the use of network analysers for diagnostic purposes in new proposed network architecture. Your report should include:
a. Brief explanation of protocol in the context of communication networks and the role of network analysers. Explanation should include example of a situation where network analysers can be used in the context of Task 1.
b. An analysis of currently available network analyser tools. The analysis should contain:
i. Benefits, associated costs, ease of usability
ii. Recommendation from you, as to what tool would you prefer to use and why.
(The reports should be targeted towards your audience i.e. the board of directors who may not be technologically savvy. Therefore the report should be easy to read and contain step by step overview of the design that includes calculations and assumptions. Additionally, the report contencts should be logically, systematically and succinctly structured to create a cohesive and coherent analytical piece of work, using formal academic language and should adhere to grammatical conventions.)
This assessment aims to assess the following learning objectives of this subject:
be able to analyse IP addressing requirements and design an addressing scheme;
be able to analyse the requirements of IP routing and choose appropriate routing methods;
be able to demonstrate how internetworking devices obtain their network configuration;
be able to explain how data flows through the internet; and
be able to ascertain and evaluate selection of applications and protocols for transferring data across the internet.

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