Application Of Social And Behavioral Theories In Public Health Interventions


Your reaction papers should be double- spaced using 12-point font. Please make sure that your name is included on your paper and that your paper includes page numbers. For the reaction paper, you will critically review a journal article that addresses at least one of the theories or models that we have discussed in class. I recommend that you choose a paper that have been published within the last seven years. The journal article that you choose should not be a review article or a meta-analysis. Rather it should encompass a single study that includes the application of a specific theory that we have addressed or will address in our class.

Your reaction paper should describe how the theory was employed. For example, was the primary goal of the paper to test the theory including testing modifications of the theory such as the addition of new constructs? Perhaps the goal was to use the theory through an intervention or application to help bring about some type of change regarding a health issue. Again, was the theory modified in any way for this intervention? Based on what you have read in the Glanz text and what the authors of your chosen paper indicate, was the theory used in some innovative way, i.e., in a way that it perhaps had not been used in the past? For example, was the theory applied to a health issue or a population for which it had not been applied to in the past? You will have to rely on what the authors of the paper say in this regard.

What was the outcome regarding the use of the theory as reported in the paper you selected? If the theory was being tested, was it validated? If it was applied as part of an intervention, what were the results? Of prime importance, I am also looking for your critical comments on how the theory was used in the paper and also what you have learned from reading the paper. Here you should address what you consider the limitations of the study that you identify in addition to any limitations that the author(s) of the paper may cite. If the bulk of your reaction paper is a summary of the journal article, then you will not have successfully completed this assignment.

1. Typical journal article bibliographical reference and citation.2. Typical book bibliographical reference and citation.3. Typical book chapter biographical reference and citation for a chapter from an edited book.

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