Anna Nicole Was Hired At The University Hospital (UH), As A Radiology Technician After The Administration Heard Of Her Great Work At Montreal Cardiology Hospital (MCH) For More Than 20 Years. At 50 Years Of Age, Anna Nicole Was Reluctant To Leave Her Job

Anna Nicole was hired at the University Hospital (UH), as a radiology technician after the administration heard of her great work at Montreal Cardiology Hospital (MCH) for more than 20 years. At 50 years of age, Anna Nicole was reluctant to leave her job at MCH, where she had great benefits, however the UH offer to be the best paid radiology technician in Montreal and the first to operate a new, highly advanced MRI machine, was too good to refuse.
Anna Nicole began her new job March 1st 2014. Her contract states that if she is terminated for whatever reason she will not be allowed to accept employment as a radiology technician anywhere in Montreal for a period of one year.
Last month, after only one year, her supervisor terminates her employment and pays her the 2 weeks notice required under the Labour Standards Act. Her employer gives no specific reasons for her dismissal telling her that no reason is required because she has less than 2 years service.
Anna Nicole asks for your legal advice concerning her rights regarding her dismissal and her right to notice of termination, as well as the validity of her non-competition clause.
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Is the 2-week notice of termination sufficient or can she claim more? Why or why not? Can she claim re-instatement? Why or why not? Is the non-competition clause in her contract valid? Why or why not? Support your answers with specific references to the relevant laws and any cases, which are applicable to this situation.

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