Adaptive Leadership


Pick one of the major theoretical perspectives of leadership discussed in the course and produce a paper on that theory. Your objective is to take your selected leadership theory past where our class discussion leaves it. The expected length of the assignment is 6-8 pages, not including reference and title pages. In addition to the text and course materials, locate an additional three sources related to your selected leadership theory and integrate what you learned from those sources into your analysis of leadership theory in your paper. The paper must include the three components below. You will use these components as subheadings in the paper. 1) Summarize the leadership theory you selected, drawing upon what you learned in your research of the literature and in our class discussions about that theory. 2) Describe and evaluate are the theory’s strengths and weaknesses? 3) Explain how the theory relates to or complement Kotter’s change model The paper must be in APA format using size 12 font, double spaced with 1 inch margins. Be sure to proofread to minimize grammar errors, misspellings, incorrect APA formatting, or typographical errors. Your paper must also incorporate a minimum of three applicable scholarly citations and references to support expanding on course knowledge of your chosen leadership theory. Scholarly references are also recommended for making a connection from your chosen leadership theory to the Kotter’s change model. 200 points total: Summary of selected leadership theory: 50 Identified strengths and weakness of selected leadership theory: 50 Connected the selected leadership theory to the Kotter change model 50 Incorporation of outside scholarly sources: 25 Writing and APA formatting 25

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