8 tips on how to study while sick


while sick can be challenging particularly if the symptoms are fierce. It
requires a lot of focus and dedication to grasp concepts. There are several
tips a student can use to boost concentration and memory when they are sick.

Develop a positive attitude

Create a
positive mindset about the situation. Believe you will study and understand and
keep motivating yourself. If you are studying for an upcoming exam be positive
about the outcome and strive to excel.

Have a good study environment

everything you need for your studies before beginning to study. It is difficult
to move around while sick. Collect your laptop, books, pens and the medicine
you need. Switch off any electronic devices that may distract you. Do not study
in the bed, instead, choose a good sitting place and posture to avoid back pain.

Have frequent breaks

breaks increase your concentration as they give your mind a chance to relax and
prepare for the next session. Take a 30 to 50 minutes break after every session.
Studying for long hours is exhausting. Exhaustion coupled up with sickness can
reduce effectiveness.

Make notes while studying

shows that making notes while studying increases the ability to recall. Write
down concepts you understand in your own words on a book or laptop. This
engages your mind and makes it easy to remember.

Actively engage in the process

Adopt active
forms of learning like setting mock exams after every subtopic. Engage all the
senses such as reading aloud and listening. This enhances your cognition and
your memory. Try to figure out the format and the set of questions that the
examiner is likely to set.

Set realistic goals.

realistic. Set goals that you can achieve. Prepare an action plan and breakdown
the different sections that you want to study. Avoid multi-tasking as this will
only lower your concentration and exhaust you. Have a timetable.

Drink a lot of water

Make sure
you keep your body hydrated during studies. You can also take warm water or hot
coffee to keep you warm in case you have a cold. Water boosts your health and increases
the ability to recover faster. It also helps in regulating body temperature.

Inform your instructor and try to get enough sleep.

If you are
approaching the exam period. Inform your lecturer about your condition as this
may worsen during exams. Informing him will make him either postpone the test
or seek an alternative way of examining you. Also, get enough sleep for your
brain to be more alert.

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