6,000 words The Research project is based upon the law and practise of determining compensation


6,000 words
The Research project is based upon the law and practise of determining compensation arising from the compulsory acquisition of private property rights through the Land Acquisition (Just Terms Compensation) Act 1991 NSW.
Specifically, I’ve chosen ASHFIELD PARK to use on this research project. you will research and report upon the underlying zoning of a parcel of land currently zoned open space which is (ASHFIELD PARK) use this location. Demonstrating your understanding of the PLANNING CONTROLS in place 30 years ago (ie. 25 July 1989) under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 NSW. You will ascertain what the underlying zoning would be today (ie. 25 July 2019) had the land not been zoned open space as if held privately. You will need to demonstrate your understanding of guiding court decisions in the light of your chosen parcel of land which is (Ashield park) with particular initial reference to those cases discussed in:
Sheehan, J.B and Kelly, A. (2016) “The Underlying Zoning Enigma” Pacific Rim Property Research Journal 21(3), 291-303.
1. Problem Solving Task 1: Remote Desktop (8 Marks) What do you need for this task? Two computers remotely interconnected over computers.
Discuss about:
> General information about the location> Planning> what zoning happening on the area> Heritage> Contamination> Repairing> Flood> Sales area> Value of land and surrounding area> Zoning nearby/ surrounding area> Information about the area
Once you have all the important and general information you can go on to discuss the issue of underlying zoning (on the area chosen > Ashfield Park)
2. Issue of underlying zoning
(Discussing underlying zoning in literature review – on how we going to determine)
Discuss about:
> Why you choose this location (Ashfield park)> What are the relation to underlying zoning> How to determine> Legal access> Environmental issue/ impact> Impact>Protection> Determine what zoning> Around area (biodiversity)> How to determine?> look at the surrounding properties zoning as this will help to determine the underlying zoning> What are the zoning in surrounding area or nearby the location> Determine zoning from 30 years to now> What are the changes
3. An assessment of compensation as at 25 July 2019 based on the underlying zoning you have determined based upon the heads of compensation set out in the Land Acquisition (Just terms Compensation) Act 1991 NSW
Discuss about:> Determine the compensation as at 25th July 2019 based on underlying zoning> make an arguments> relate to the cases> Discuss relevant cases and finding and come up with a compensation figure
Crucially, your dissertation must represent a sufficient body of work to reflect a full research
> You must also research this topic using research skills, utilising such academic databases and eResources, as well as other useful resources susch as the Pacific Rim Real Estate Society (PRRES) http://www.prres.net/ and the Division Library of the Australian Property Institute (API)
Warning: It is not satisfactory to merely “google” a few court cases and copy-and-paste without CRITICAL ANALYSIS. Wikapedia is not a satisfactory source of citation, but can be used an inital guide to assist the research.
The work must comply with academic writing skills and conventions, which is a requirement for drafting expert witness reports by valuers for the purpose of litigation.

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