6 hacks to improve your studying


6 hacks to improve your studying

Effective learning eliminates time wastage, fosters concentration and ability to retain information. Sitting in front of a laptop or staring at a book does not necessarily mean that you are studying effectively. It requires skill to read or listen to information and store it in your mind for retrieval in the future. Here are 6 hacks to improve your studying.


Music plays an important role in activating your brain. It is healthy to listen to music while studying. Loud music is distracting, avoid it. Although listening to music while studying works for some, it is not for everyone. You can try it out to test whether it works for you.

Search online

Google is a great resource that you can utilize to source materials to use while studying. There is a wide range of books, documentaries, tutorials, and audiobooks. YouTube has a variety of videos with diverse topics explained in lay man’s language.  There are sites with exams from different colleges. Leverage on them and use them to empower yourself.


After studying and understanding. Teach it to someone else. Teaching increases your retention capacity. It also helps you discover what you were able to grasp. If you find yourself straining while trying to explain a concept to your peers. Go back to square one and re-read it. Studying aloud is also another way of teaching yourself. Studying in a group engages you and allows you to be taught and to teach others.

Challenge yourself

After studying every subsection. Set a mock exam to test your memory. This reinforces the concepts you studied and increases focus and concentration. It also helps you understand the sections you are having challenges with. A book entitled Make it stick authored by Peter Brown, Henry Roediger and Mark McDaniel outlines challenging yourself as one way you can use to boost your ability to remember.

Rewrite notes and use mnemonic devices.

Rewriting notes in your own words boosts your memory. Writing down on a book is better than typing on a computer. Mnemonic devices are also a unique way of leveling up your ability to recall. For example, my very earnest mother just served us nine pickles is a good way to remember the nine planets.

Download study apps and avoid distractions

Download study apps. There are plenty of apps on the internet, choose a few and use them. Install programs to block unnecessary distractions such as emails, apps, and websites. Apps like Self Control for Mac, block distractors. Avoiding distractions will increase your productivity and focus.

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