200 words each Week 3 Accounting II


200 words each

Week 3
Accounting II

Discussion Question:
Alan Homes serves on the board of directors of Flynn Company. The president of Flynn told him that in three weeks the corporation would announce a 25% increase in dividends. Alan called his neighbor to tell him to buy some stock. The neighbor told his friend about the stock and the friend told him that Alan was acting unethically. The neighbor called Alan back and Alan told him that no one will know the difference, that in business this happens all the time, and that he shouldn’t be left out. Do you think Alan’s behavior is appropriate? Explain your answer.


Discussion Question:
Explain when or why would you use the description pattern of essay development by providing an example.


Discussion Question:
Discuss some of the consumer characteristics which influence buying behavior. What ethical considerations exist in how companies study consumer decision making?

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