1200 – 1500 words Logic essay about artificial intelligence


1200 – 1500 words (No more than 1500, no less than 1200!) Format: MLA format (see syllabus for details) Typed, double-spaced, 10-12 point standard face font (Arial, Times New Roman, etc.) Description of Assignment: Write an informative (non-argument) essay about an interesting, original topic. The topic should be: Focused – You should be able to explore the topic in-depth in the length available. Researchable – You should be able to find facts about the topic. Original – You should have a topic, or a focus on the topic that is not overdone. In other words, it shouldn’t be a topic that many, many other people have written about. Your essay should be an interesting introduction to the topic. You should not include your own opinion about the topic, but feel free to cite the opinions of experts in your sources. The essay should include information from at least 8 different sources. Sources should be credible. References must be included in-text and on the Works Cited Page Reference Types: At least 1 academic book (print or online) At least 1 journal article At least 1 newspaper article The remaining sources can be your choice, so long as they are credible.

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