12 page Training Plan (Training/Development)


Use the elements (marked by headings for the section) of the training plan formats starting on page 204 of Chapter 9 to write a training plan. These five elements should be included in any written plan.

Your training plan should be 10-12 pages in length (does not need to be APA formatted) and follow one of the three primary training plan formats: Descriptive, Outline, or Multicolumn. Your training plan should also include the five elements discussed in the chapter: Objectives, Training Content, Time Estimates, Method, and Materials.

This should be written as a complete training plan that could be used by another trainer if you were scheduled to deliver training but were sick and unable to deliver the training yourself. The training plan needs to be detailed enough that someone who is not familiar with the training course could pick up your plan and teach the course to the participants.

Parameters: The training will consist of a 50-minute lesson on your previously selected training topic.

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