FIRST: I want you to read a short story. “The Prophet’s Hair,” written by Salman Rushdie. You can find the story online, at this website: https://www.lrb.co.uk/v03/n07/salman-rushdie/the-prophets-hair SECONG, I want you to read the story, and then IMMEDIATELY after reading it, I want you to sit down, and write, BY HAND, a 1-2 page analysis of what YOU THINK the story means. What is the author trying to teach the reader? What message does the story hold? Don’t explain the plot. Rather, explain what the story means to you. Your response should be written – again, HANDWRITTEN – with the top of the page containing all the usual “Basic Format” information that you would give on a normal paper in this class (in other words, your name, the date, the name of the class, etc.). You will turn this paper in on March 19th, in class. — looking for afforadble price and not professional writing , just like a normal student will write with normal vocab please

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