In this assignment, you will write a Python script to increase the population of each city in the world_xdatabase by 10% (rounded).

First, add a new column to the world_xcity table using the following MySQL command:

The existing population data are stored as JSONdatatype in the city table in a field named Info. You learned about JSON data types in Module 2. To obtain the population data from the Infocolumn in the city table, run the following MySQL command:

select info->’$.Population’ from city
Your Python script should do the following:

Copy the population data from the Infocolumn into the Populationcolumn,
Increase the population by 10% in the Populationcolumn, and
List the population before the increase and the population after it was increased.
Submit your Python script and Python script output as two separate text files included in a zip file. Submit your zip file to the Module 6 folder. Provide a detailed technical report on the steps needed to integrate Python and MySQL. In addition, provide details on how you iterate through a JSON field in a Python script.

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